when your brain breaks...splash some color on a canvas

Today, I decided to launch my site. What a journey... crap, it was one scary, crazy one. I know I shouldn't swear, but I feel like profanity can help to convey my message of how messed up I have been for the last 12 months.

Perhaps you have been there too and can relate.

Rewind to April last year.

It was a Sunday morning. A Sunday that I was looking forward to since January. It was my first Sunday off in a good 10 weeks. I was going to sit down and do some much needed yoga.

So I sat down and then I felt a little animal run across my cross-legged lap. I looked down to see no animal but my own hand lying limp in my lap.

WTF... can't move my arm. I tried to yell for my husband but nothing came out.

My brain and my body were no longer together. My body or my brain, timed out and I found myself 4 hours later in a hospital bed getting a reality check on life.

What was I doing. I had run myself into the ground. A mother of four and a head coach of a swim club. I was running on overdrive every day. Saying more times Yes than No. Picking up where others could not. Doing doing doing...

My good friend came to see me and put the reality into my face. I could not keep doing this. So I decided to step back.

Step way way way back.

For the first few months, my paintings flew onto my canvas. I had so much fun. Fun.

My routine of the day was simple. Wake up, walk the kids to school, walk the dogs and get downstairs put on some good music and paint.

Now, I have so many paintings that I have done. I have attempted many different styles. This site, this little virtual gallery, is now a place where I can share my paintings.

I hope you enjoy them.

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